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Jenny Mannion, Re-awakener, Energy Catalyst & Love Activator

Jennifer Mannion is an International best-selling author, speaker, highly sought after intuitive, self-love activator, and media personality.  As a graduate from Penn State with a BA in Psychology, Jenny has a keen interest in how our minds work.

It was through healing herself from seven years of several debilitating chronic diseases in three weeks that Jenny found her passion to help others. She is an intuitive healer, mind/body/spirit mentor, and energetic catalyst who inspires people to connect with their inner-power, develop greater healing & expansion and create the lives they desire. 

Certified in over 15 healing modalities including Reconnective Healing, the Akashic Records, and Shamanism. 

Jenny’s intuitive gifts lead her to create online classes and workshops as well as her work with SelfWorthNow.com   Jenny’s profound story and work has been featured on PBS, iHeartRadio, HuffPost, ABC Talk Radio, and many other national & regional TV and radio shows.

Please contact Jenny for all Media and Speaking Inquiries: By Email: jenny@jennymannion.com or By Phone: 607-437-7867

Rave reviews from the media & Clients

some topics jenny speaks & presents on:

Love 365: How to Connect a Deep Connection to Self-Love

Format: 90 Minutes – 2 hours – Audience Participation or Discussion Session

When you feel a healthy sense of self-love you truly can create the life of your dreams. You know your self-worth and will not accept anything that is not aligned with that. Jenny has stated her lack of self-love and perfectionism contributed to her being in chronic pain for 7 years. It also contributed to her having less than healthy love relationships, friendships, jobs, and all else. Jenny has transformed every part of her life and has helped others do the same over the last 15 years.

Jenny offer tools that:

  • Allow you to move past the past and into what you want.
  • Release limiting thoughts, habits, and ways of being.
  • Allow you to embrace happiness, well-being and invite it into your life.

Jenny is a big believer in easy tools you can integrate into your life and this is an experiential event. Come ready to grow, change and know your life will never be the same once you tap into your self-love.

Catalyzing Energy to Create Fast Change

Format: 90-Minute – 2-Hour Audience Participation or Discussion Session

Have you been told limiting beliefs such as, “change is hard” or “change can take a long time?” Healing and change does not have to be hard. Jenny healed herself of 7 years of chronic illness and disease in 3 weeks. Jenny has spent 15 years gathering tools to help others heal themselves of physical, mental, and emotional challenges to move into a healthier version of themselves. Jenny has studied many Eastern and Ancient tools and created some of her own that can catalyze quick healing. This class is for you if you have felt stuck in any area of your life and need to get some healing energy flowing.

Our thoughts and emotions are made of energy and contribute to the life we are currently living. By gaining tools to shift that energy you can catalyze yourself to change faster than you ever would have dreamed.

This is good for this type of audience IF….

  • You are feeling stress at work or at home
  • You experience overwhelm
  • You would like to feel more in control of your life
  • You are ready for change

Whether it be health, finances, relationships, emotional blocks, or more – by gaining easy tools you can begin to feel that shift in record time. Jenny will lead you through EASY and QUICK exercises that you can take home with you.

Significant Improvement on all areas of my life

My coaching call with Jenny was a very pivotal moment in my life. I had been having health problems such as chronic migraines and neck pain. After many doctors appointments, tests and medications, I wasn’t any better. I was beginning to understand that my negative thinking patterns were perpetuating the problem, but really needed some direction as to how to go about changing my thinking. Jenny provided very helpful insight and solid advice. I used the tools she recommended to clear some blocks from the past and rework my perspective on my health conditions and my current life situations. From that point on, I noticed a significant improvement not just in my health, but in all areas of my life. Those positive results inspired me to become a coach myself in the area of weight loss. I am so grateful for Jenny and would highly recommend her!” – Joy Buffalini 

In Remission from Stage IV Cancer

“I had stage IV cancer, an aggressive type that literature will tell you there’s a year average life-span for. I am now in remission, survived the coma without long-term effects, and feel great! Believe me, I have my bad days with the recovery, my body gets sore from neuropathy, but I really felt I was able to heal from deeply embedded things there that I had been holding onto for years, and in my mind is this type of thing that left me vulnerable to get sick in the first place. It makes sense that this self-healing had to be taken care of in order for me to get better. I didn’t know how to exactly do that myself but luckily Jenny can guide people through this. Jenny has been an angel for me. She showed me I was the missing link to the completion of my healing. In my eyes, I can’t see any situation in which working with Jenny would not be well worth it.” -Michelle Denault

some topics jenny speaks & presents on:

Empowerment Through The Chakras

Format: ​60-120 Minutes Audience Participation or Discussion

This is perfect IF:

  • You want to control stress and health
  • You want to gain more clarity and understanding of energy
  • You have had health challenges
  • You feel your health controls you instead of the other way around
  • You are ready to take active control of your well being

You will leave with:

  • ​A deep understanding of how your energy body (chakra system) IS your inner diagnostic system.
  • Tools to tune into and balance each chakra
  • A feeling of well being and balance
  • Feeling stress-free and empowered

The chakras have been thought of as complicated or “a part of Eastern medicine” that seems foreign to many. Jenny makes learning about the chakras fun and easy. People leave feeling empowered knowing they can now tap into their inner diagnostic system and find balance.


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