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Helped My Wife!

Helped My Wife!

     Dino Helped My Wife! My wife was diagnosed with a stage 4 brain tumor that spread from her right parietal lobe to her left parietal lobe. Once that spread happened she started losing spacial perception, eyesight and hearing. Her therapist...
Helped My Wife!

What a Gift!

     Brenda What a Gift! When diagnosed with advanced breast cancer I noticed a correlation between some wounding family dynamics that were internal and how when inflicted afresh, this would increase pain levels at the external wound site. The...
Helped My Wife!

Jenny Helps Us Do the Important Work

     Rebecca [March 2022] New York Jenny Helps Us Do the Important Work “Jenny Mannion helps us to do the important work. I had an amazing session with her today. I feel full, a feeling I haven’t felt in awhile. I highly recommend Jenny’s...

100% Positive & Value Practice To Add To The Day

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     Michelle Denault Massechusetts 100% Positive & Value Practice To Add To The Day “I am writing a review for Jenny Mannion’s BE LIGHT sessions. I am a little bias on any of Jenny’s healings because she was an angel for me during my cancer...

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