100% Positive & Value Practice To Add To The Day - Energy Healer, Intuitive Coach, Author & Educator, Jenny Mannion
Michelle Denault
100% Positive & Value Practice To Add To The Day

“I am writing a review for Jenny Mannion’s BE LIGHT sessions. I am a little bias on any of Jenny’s healings because she was an angel for me during my cancer battle. Through my extensive work with her while battling a stage 4 cancer in which I had a few months at one point and nothing was working, Jenny helped pull me through. My beating what I did was a miracle and Jenny played a direct role in that healing. The angels led me to her the day I found her online. Any session with her is incredible. I can’t always get out to find a sitter and do healing sessions locally and working with Jenny is like a time-out from my busy day, to be hugged by an angel! It’s always a special occurrence. For me I have vivid visualizations, feelings of love and warmth, and feel lighter the next several days after any session with Jenny. It’s like taking a refreshing moment for myself and I always feel a weight is lifted. Sometimes I feel I don’t realize how hectic my schedule has gotten or unaligned I have felt until I do another session with her and think ‘oh yeah, this is how I’m supposed to feel!’. Jenny’s new technique is wonderful as it incorporates a lot of the visualization techniques I’ve been doing in my daily meditation but kicks it up a notch! I love that approach! It gives something for busy minds to do during the healing as well and is a 100% positive and value practice to add to the day. I love that she is adapting to what seems to be ‘crazy’ times these days where everything is just turned up a notch a bit. She has gone within and heard what clients are saying and found a way to give us something to ‘turn ourselves up a notch a bit too’, to respond to current times, versus getting overwhelmed easily which is something I have surely been doing! I don’t know if it is because I did an Akashic reading and clearing with Jenny in the past, but I commonly seem to visit ‘councils of a higher order’ during healing sessions with her. It always brings about visualizations in which I am accessing my own guides. Jenny’s angelic healing essence is always felt too though, and what a wonderful energy to immerse yourself in! I highly recommend any healing of Jenny’s! I came to her during a time in which I was pretty much otherwise dying and from a very aggressive cancer so needed rapid healing. I truly believe with all my heart that anyone who is in need of healing on ANY level is in very good hands with Jenny. I really like her new technique and will try again soon. I like how it responds to the needs of current times as well and seeks to help us balance our way through what can seem a bit hectic, and come out empowered!”