You had a MAJOR Impact On My Speedy Recovery - Energy Healer, Intuitive Coach, Author & Educator, Jenny Mannion

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You had a MAJOR Impact On My Speedy Recovery

“Hi Jenny, Thank you so much in aiding my speedy recovery, I really do believe you had a major impact on it, I felt quite odd like a warm glow descended over me from the head downwards in a very special and nurtured way during the process, an angel from afar. All my love,” 

 From Jenny: Frank wants me to do the describing of what happened in the second session, which he knew about beforehand.  At one point he felt a cool “breath” on his face, that lasted for quite a while, and he felt a “touch” on the nose – on the side, where he had skin cancer removed and a skin graft, a couple of years ago. He says the “breath” could not have been the air conditioning. When he told me the next day he had felt a cool breeze on his face and that he had “got a touch on the nose”, I felt quite comforted myself! He also told me a couple of days later he had felt a warm glow descend over him from the head downwards, during the session. A nurse came in to see him after the session was over, and she said he had been dozing when she had dropped in (during it), and he told her he had been meditating! I think she quite liked that.  Also, he reckons that he felt relaxed after the first session, which he didn’t find out about till the next morning – which I think I can testify to, because when I rang him the next morning he was having a great time with the other guys in the ward, talking and laughing – he says it was the most relaxed he has ever felt! (he was still bleeding at this point.) Frank says it might have even done the other guys some good! 

From Frank: “One thing I think I mentioned in the email that went missing was that when I had my two sessions with you, Frank was obviously feeling better afterwards – his lower back problem was troubling him a lot at the time. So thanks again, Jen, for your love and support – especially as the timing wasn’t very convenient for you!”