A Comforting & Nurturing Experience - Energy Healer, Intuitive Coach, Author & Educator, Jenny Mannion
Anna Sayce
A Comforting & Nurturing Experience

“A couple of weeks ago, I had a Reconnective Healing session with Jenny. I was really keen to experience this kind of healing because it appeared to be unlike anything else I’ve experienced before.  On the day of the healing session, I spoke with Jenny on the phone, and I was excited but did not know what to expect.  She told me to lie down for around 40 minutes, during which time she’d be doing the distance healing on her end, and then said she’d ring me back when 40 minutes had passed.  As soon as I lay down, I began to feel relaxed and nurtured – I loved that I had 40 minutes all to myself just to lie down and be.  However, soon I sensed a loving presence all around me.  My stomach began to gurgle furiously, my knees were moving a little of their own accord and I wanted to stay conscious so I could observe all the interesting things happening, but I soon noticed I was ‘going under’ – slipping into something very similar to a hypnotic state. In this state, I noticed a spirit guide hovering around me, doing healing work.  I was told to breathe deeply three times by the guide and I did. I had had flu about a week prior to the healing session and had a cough left over from this.  I noticed that after the healing session, my cough eased off and my chest was less sore.  While I was in that state, it was as if I was processing and releasing fears and emotional negativity with someone’s assistance.  I remember feeling certain fears related to my relationships and present situation and I was shown comforting images. I am not sure if I was being shown images of the future, but I have felt reassured about certain worrying situations since then.  I also heard clairaudient messages about negative events from my past and this was very comforting.  It was as if I was allowed to close the door on certain past events during the session, although I am not sure how this happened.  As a healer, it was very interesting for me to observe what was happening. I felt as if I had to “do” something in order to heal, as I’m not used to being on the receiving end of the process, but all I needed to do was relax and just allow the healing to happen. I could have picked up on the presence on these guides because I had just done Jenny’s reading and I was open in that regard. All in all, it was a fascinating, comforting and very nurturing experience. I highly recommend it if you’re feeling like you need some TLC or emotional healing. The beauty with this kind of healing is that you never know what kind of healing you’re going to get – in my case it was emotional mainly but also a bit of physical healing. But because of the open-ended aspect of this session, it’s easier to get exactly what you need to heal, nurture yourself or rejuvenate.”