A Haze Physically Lifted - Energy Healer, Intuitive Coach, Author & Educator, Jenny Mannion
A Haze Physically Lifted

“Thank you Jenny for your Embracing Bliss online class. As you know, I had recently lost my husband and was in what I call a “haze” of mourning. Basically, I was unable to motivate myself to do anything or focus on anything. I was a bit numb. I am not sure how I came across your class, but it somehow caught my eye and I signed up, along with two personal sessions with you. It was, perhaps, two weeks into the program, after the Love module and my first zoom meeting with you, in which you made a few gentle recommendations. I tentatively began to do a couple of your recommendations and happily there was a definite shift in my outlook. I would say, it was about a week later that I literally “came out of the fog”. It’s hard to describe, but it felt as if a haze had physically lifted. I was so excited and kind of incredulous that this actually happened, and it was very obviously a tangible shift because several folks that know me said I looked happier/lighter. Wow, the change for me was both emotional and physical, and I am so grateful to you. I have done several other spiritual pursuits over the past year, but none have resonated with me quite like your BLISS class. I’m not exactly sure why your class worked so well and so quickly for me, but your process is different, a more concrete/hands on method of looking at things. Anyway, thank you again and I hope to chat again soon. All the best to you and yours.”