A Short Path To Change Delivers What the Title Promises - Energy Healer, Intuitive Coach, Author & Educator, Jenny Mannion
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A Short Path To Change Delivers What the Title Promises

I love it when an author gives me a shortcut, and A Short Path To Change delivers what the title promises. Author Jenny Mannion overcame years of chronic disease and pain after being diagnosed with several debilitating illnesses. Ignoring a prognosis of being in a wheelchair and never dancing again, she began learning about the mind-body connection and embarked upon a career as an alternative healing practitioner. She became healthier than she’d been in 20 years. In Short Path, she discusses how past programming, buried emotions, and unresolved issues affect our healing capacity here and now. She gives steps to get in touch with trapped emotions and patterns, and 30 short, easy exercises to transcend them. The chapters are organized in a natural progression from Getting Rid of Old Stuff, through assessing our influences, pushing past worry, changing self-talk, shifting attention and moving past roles. The intro to the chakra system contains simple yet powerful exercises for discovering, journeying through and balancing each chakra. This is an excellent primer in discovering new ways of thought to improve your experience in this body in this lifetime. Headings include Meditation, Letting Go And Receiving, Energy Healing, and give exercises to tune into your energy body and use it to heal yourself. It addresses community and friends, self-sabotage, intentions, and igniting passion. And it does it all in clear, simple-to-read language which stimulates the reader into wanting to explore the process for themselves. Kudos for taking complex topics and transforming them into manageable, easy-to-digest bytes that anyone can benefit by in just 30 minutes a day.