AKASHIC TESTIMONIAL – Lucky to meet and Know Jenny - Energy Healer, Intuitive Coach, Author & Educator, Jenny Mannion
Alexandra Zlatarova, PhD Sofia, Bulgaria
AKASHIC TESTIMONIAL – Lucky to meet and Know Jenny

I was one of the so lucky people to meet and know Jenny and receive the blessing of her genuine work, help and support! There are so rarely people like her to be found nowadays! She is not simply skilled and talented and providing high-quality services. She is a TRUE HUMAN BEING! She holds compassion, deep understanding and care for others. She is generous, open and authentic! She is a person who everyone would feel blessed to even know over the internet. If this feels like a blessing, please try to imagine what working with her is!

I experienced deep gratitude, appreciation and honour of receiving her care, help and support! Was it an Akashic Reading and Clearing? Yes, this is what “the service” is called. But I can tell you – it is just so elementary description. This is not a service and not a product. This is Soul helping another Soul in pain. This is something that no money can buy. This is something that cannot even receive any type of a “price-tag”!

– Alexandra Zlatarova, PhD, Bach Flower Registered Practitioner and Licensed Teacher, Ass. Prof. in Physiology at the Medical University in Sofia, Bulgaria.