An Angel From Afar - Energy Healer, Intuitive Coach, Author & Educator, Jenny Mannion
Robin Birch & Frank
An Angel From Afar

“I met Jenny through blogging and had never heard of Reconnective Healing before but had a friend in need who I asked her to give distant sessions to.  My friend Frank said the one thing that helped him during his hospital stay was the two distance Reconnective Healing sessions I organised for him with Jenny. Jenny is in upstate New York and we are in Melbourne, Australia.  For the first session, late on our Saturday night, Frank didn’t know about it until I told him the next day, and for the second, late on Sunday night, he knew in advance, and he lay still and told the others he was meditating! He felt a warm glow/energy descending over him during the session, and some other sensations and awarenesses—he felt that it really made a difference.  So thanks Jenny!”  – Robin Birch

              “Hi Jenny, Thank you so much in aiding my speedy recovery, I really do believe you had a major impact on it.  I felt quite odd like a warm glow descended over me from the head downwards in a very special and nurtured way during the process, an angel from afar. All my love,” – Frank (Distant Reconnective Healing client/Australia)