As If She Was In The Room With Me - Energy Healer, Intuitive Coach, Author & Educator, Jenny Mannion
Amy Putkonen
Blogger/ Tao Te Ching Daily
As If She Was In The Room With Me

”I did not know what to expect in my Reconnective Healing session with Jenny Mannion. I had gotten an idea the day before to ask for healing around the topics of time and money.  So, in the Reconnective Healing session, we worked on this.  As I laid there, a part of me was panicking that I would fall asleep and miss the whole thing or get caught up in the “monkey mind” and waste the session. As it turned out, none of that was relevant.  In fact, ironically, it was the very understanding of its irrelevance that was the content of my work!  So many times, I panic on issues of not having enough time or not having enough money.  My body and mind seize up around these notions.  It is this that I set out to heal for myself in this session. As I lay there, a visual came to me of my body outline containing the true essence of me as a river of energy (imagining an actual river) flowing through my core to wash through all the impurities.  I knew that, in each solitary moment, I was fine – both financially and chronologically.  No matter how dark it has ever gotten in my entire life, in each moment I have been fine and my fears had been unproven.  Why had I doubted?  It seemed ridiculous – in that moment – to fear.  It occurred to me that part of my struggle had been to do everything myself, for fear of handing over the almighty dollar – when, all along, there are wonderful people like Jenny there to support me and escort me to my better self.  My fear of money and time translates to fear of receiving. “I receive. I receive,” I kept telling myself this as I lay there. I told this to myself when I started the session to avoid falling asleep.  Turns out, I had a very beautiful and enlightening session with no needs for concern at all!  Jenny Mannion is a powerful healer. We live halfway across the country, but her work was as if she was right here in the room with me. Thank you, Jenny, for your gift of healing!