Deep Sense of Peace & Calm - Energy Healer, Intuitive Coach, Author & Educator, Jenny Mannion
Lance Ekum
Deep Sense of Peace & Calm

“In 2010, I had a Reconnective healing session with Jenny. During our time together I felt this deep sense of peace and calm. More than that, though – was that this feeling stayed with me, and really, continues with me yet today.  Jenny has a wonderful way of truly connecting with those she works with, and in that – creating an experience that is meaningful, lasting, and connected to soul.  More than all of this, though – I have also experienced Jenny through her writing. The words she shares are ones that connect me more fully to who I am and to what really matters in my life.  I always come away from reading these thoughts with a sense of deeper purpose in my life.  This is a gift that I continue to hold close to me.  Jenny creates real and meaningful connections by her caring, her understanding, and her deep love for others.”