Deeply Moved & Impressed - Energy Healer, Intuitive Coach, Author & Educator, Jenny Mannion
Deeply Moved & Impressed

“I was referred to Jenny by a long-time friend. From our first call, I felt a unique warmth and level of comfort. I was seeking her guidance on how to help me forge a new spiritual path for myself. As someone who grew up in a religious household with two parents who are clergy, it has been a unique, often lonely journey seeking to recover from the damage of that upbringing and working through my personal history in order to find wholeness as an adult. My rejection of my religious upbringing had left me with almost no inner space for spirituality.  Spirituality felt threatening to the inner shell of “safety” away from a religion that I had built myself.

In my second meeting with Jenny, she invited me to participate in an Akashic meditation. I was skeptical at first. Meditation had never resonated with me. Only more physical practices like Yoga had ever helped me be in touch with a spirit of wholeness and connectedness. I was deeply moved and impressed with the level of connectedness and the healing I was able to reach through this meditation. Jenny was leading it, but the moments of resolution and groundedness were coming from within me. I managed to receive clarity on questions that I had never felt an authentic answer to before. In that one hour of work together, I probably achieved more growth and insight than I have in months of therapy. The meditation also empowered me to know that I have the tools to do this kind of exercise with or without a guiding presence like Jenny – and that is the real beauty of this Akashic Meditation. I encourage you to give it a try!”