Freedom From Knee Pain! - Energy Healer, Intuitive Coach, Author & Educator, Jenny Mannion
Patricia Hamilton
Freedom From Knee Pain!

”For my Birthday, after I came home from the UK (August 2009) with painful knees also, Jenny had sent me a copy of her ebook. I had read it several times, and most of her posts after that gift.  Her next healing suggestions were – stop worrying, you are too full of worry and it is the ego that worries; – she gave me a change exercise to do for release; – told me about EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) on YouTube; – be in the NOW; – need more meditation time to heal; – more water, drink more water.  I enjoyed the feelings of peace and the sunshine that was flooding in on me and the amazing pain relief – totally gone. One day I started out for a short walk and 15 minutes into walking I knew I had made a mistake – my whole leg went tight – I think it was too cold.  I was able to patiently use her suggestions and now 10 days later, the leg is still stiff upon the start of movement, but I am totally pain free.  Just the relaxing alone made me feel so much better, and the warmth and tingling feelings were an added benefit of getting stuck energy moving again. I have been following her exercises and can produce a bit more healing energy every day.  I was unaware of how much worry I have going on within me and now that I am aware I can make the change. I just wanted to put out a hearty, “Thank you”  to Jenny for her generous phone call at this busy time of the year. Thank you Jenny for being there and for your generous help and yes, yes the freedom from pain!  I am stepping carefully, but the healing is manifesting. What a relief.”

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