I Don’t Need My Thyroid Meds Anymore - Energy Healer, Intuitive Coach, Author & Educator, Jenny Mannion

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I Don’t Need My Thyroid Meds Anymore

Hi Jenny, The energy session you did resulted in miracles for me. Minutes after the session I walked into my kitchen and this thought entered “I don’t need to take my thyroid medication anymore.” It caught me off guard because I wasn’t even thinking about it. I had to determine if this was wishful thinking, random thoughts, or actual guidance letting me know it was ok, safe, and that my thyroid had healed to such an extent I didn’t even need to wean off the Rx. Ten years ago had I had a severe health crisis that resulted in hypothyroidism. The experience I had in very carefully and slowly weaning off other Rx drugs I KNEW I did not need to be taking, was traumatic due to withdrawals and the extreme loss of health I experienced. It was actually scary to entertain going off a thyroid Rrx I had been on since 2007 just because I did not want to experience anything like I had before. I did some soul searching and I believed it was guidance I could trust. I stopped taking my thryoid Rx on 8/5. Not only did I have NO unwanted reactions, but my energy has been very consistent and most often abundant! I had internal fireworks of gratitude and joy about all this. So much so it inspired me to start giving energy sessions to people to get myself moving in the direction of being able to offer it as a service in the future. I just wanted to let you know and thank you with all my heart. Lots of gratitude and love!