Jenny is a Love Bubble - Energy Healer, Intuitive Coach, Author & Educator, Jenny Mannion
Molly Rae Denicore
Jenny is a Love Bubble

Jenny offers a visual exercise, involving imagining a “love bubble” and conjuring a time that you felt happiest. She invites one to feel that positive vibration, as if having the experience in the present moment. She then asks one to conjur a past mistake and place it in the love bubble and watch it shrink and dissolve with ease.

That is what Jenny is: A Love Bubble.

You enter her space and immediately feel the vibration of love She is kind. She is patient. She is warm. She is love.

She is down to earth with an expansive purpose to dissolve all doubt and allow one to manifest greatness, shift the mindset and take inspired action to reach full potential beyond imagination. – Molly Rae Denicore, NY