No More Hauntings or Nightmares - Energy Healer, Intuitive Coach, Author & Educator, Jenny Mannion
Tanya S.
Horseheads, New York
No More Hauntings or Nightmares

“I had a house clearing and an Akashic reading done by Jenny Mannion and her work is very real and was a blessing to me.  Her Akashic Reading work has helped me tremendously to clear away all negativity and unjustified karma that I found has been hindering my progress for this lifetime from many lifetimes previously.  I found who I truly am spiritually and she has set me back on my highest path and purpose in this lifetime.  The house clearing that she did for me was also a blessing.  I live in my grandparents old house now and as a child I remember having experiences with entities even back then.  She cleared the old entities as well as new ones and even closed the portals that were open in the house and ever since my family is calmer and has experienced no hauntings or nightmares.  My son used to grind his teeth terribly at night but since she did the work he no longer does.  I have also noticed that my dog no longer growls or has the chase dreams at night.  I am very glad that I found her, her work is one of a kind and it has made me feel like I am finally free to be who I was meant to be.”