No More Trips To The ER - Energy Healer, Intuitive Coach, Author & Educator, Jenny Mannion
No More Trips To The ER

“I have been on my healing path for seven years now and I have experienced an accelerated enormous amount of healing with my one month program with Jenny that I have in the past seven years.  I removed many blockages myself; however, I needed further guidance to touch the deeper blockages that I was aware of, but was having trouble releasing. Jenny’s tools, advice and guidance helped me touch upon and release those deep seeded blockages.  I have been in and out of the emergency room every month for a condition called dysmenorrhea since I was 15 years old after a traumatic experience.  All my blood tests and hormone levels were normal and no one had a clue what was going on with my body.  I went the eastern medicine homeopathic route of healing for many years taking hundreds of different herbs, flower essences, teas, many types of yoga, acupuncture.  These modalities did help me start my path of healing and helped in many ways; however; nothing gave me the lasting results I needed to relieve the pain each month.  What seemed to help one month did not help the pain the next month.  It was an endless cycle of trial and error waiting in fear for the dreaded “due date” to see if my pain would be any less.  Jenny brought a new awareness to my mental patterns in how I was thinking about myself, my body and how I was processing and storing past experiences from this life time and past life times.  As you can tell, I did not consider my body as my friend and saw it more as an enemy I was battling each month.  Jenny’s tools allowed me to truly hone my own power in self-healing and allowed me to blossom fully into knowing my divine right to be healthy, happy and abundant.  She was the protagonist that allowed me to accept, nurture and grow my self-love, forgiveness and gratefulness.  That month I did not need to take any painkillers for my menses.  This is the second month after my coaching session with Jenny and I am still seeing progress with the pain – no more trips to the emergency room! During my month with Jenny, I had a complete chakra cleanse. Every chakra cleansed itself purging all of the blockages, hooks and cords that were affecting my journey of my highest path and purpose. Jenny has also given me tools to transform the “curse” of being very empathic into a magnificent blessing. Since her guidance I feel more safe, grounded, protected and secure with myself having faith and trust in my life and the universe. I feel more connected with my higher self, my guides, the archangels, divine source and the universe. Thank you Jenny, you’re a gem! I will share these tools with others and will be raising my future children with them.”