Sustaining High Vibrational State After Treatment - Energy Healer, Intuitive Coach, Author & Educator, Jenny Mannion
Paula Kawal
NLP Coach/ Soul Realignment Practitioner
Sustaining High Vibrational State After Treatment

“I recently had a Reconnective Healing Session with my good friend Jennifer Mannion of Heal Pain Naturally.  When she told me about Reconnective Healing I was of course, immediately interested. We scheduled a time for the healing and Jenny asked me to think about what I would like healed. I explored this for the week prior to the session.  I have no physical problems really.  I have always been healthy and strong.  I am usually the one taking care of everyone else because I just didn’t get sick, or if I DID, I didn’t get it as badly as everyone else.  I asked Source to reveal what I should work on sometime before the session.  I wanted to heal the illusion that I needed to DO anything to BE spiritual. I felt it was time to put an end to long meditations, rituals and all manner of complex procedure to get into the free flow of the spiritual state.  I wanted to just intend it and BE there.

So the day of the healing Jenny called me and I stated my intent, holding it – we ended the call and I proceeded to meditate on my end, staying open and receptive to what I may experience while Jenny performed the healing.  What I personally experienced while she healed me was centered within my heart, third eye and crown chakras.  My chest grew very warm and I saw white and gold flashes of light throughout the process.  In the weeks to follow I was physically, emotionally and spiritually releasing.  The nature of this release was challenging as it contained what I call collective issues that I’ve bought into and operated from through many, many lifetimes along with a belief that we have to work hard at spirituality.

After the release I started to notice how easily I slipped into state.  Walking, breathing, just thinking about connecting to the Akashic Records, or Source and the Angels was enough.  I’ve found the gap between my normal functioning state and these elevated High Vibrational States to be very tight and natural like walking across the room rather than forced like trying to cross the Grand Canyon.  What an illusion to shed!!!  The power at the heart of every healing modality that I’ve experienced has always been intent, whether it is coaching, Akashic Records work or healing with the Angels the bottom line that holds it together and actually produces change is always intent and the magic of it often manifests even more greatly when working with someone else who helps you hold and magnify that intent.  Love and thanks to Jenny for introducing me to this great modality.”