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For over the last decade I’ve worked as an Intuitive Healer and an Energy Educator with hundreds of clients whom I’ve assisted in reawakening their energy.  What I mean by reawakening ​energy is​ the process of looking inward and awakening into ​your own ​​self​-​worth and empowerment to transform the energetic blocks ​that previously limited ​you. This allows for freer energy flow and new creation.

It’s my mission to simplify this process by offering step by step guidance and the practical tools needed to reawaken and realign your energy to its highest potential. I believe truly owning your self​-​worth and aligning ​your energy to resonate ​from th​e soul level is the foundation for deep inner healing.

I know this first hand because over 13 yrs ago, I myself was diagnosed with several debilitating, chronic illnesses and I was given a very grim prognosis for my future.  I had two young kids and had doctors telling me I would wind up in a wheelchair​,​ but deep down I knew there had to be another way.  

Along my quest for answers​,​ I r​ecogniz​ed I had t​o train myself to listen to my inner dialogue, which ​at the time ​was toxic and non-healing. I discovered how ​powerful it was to observe and actively re-frame those thought processes – which science is showing has a profound effect on multiple levels. 

I realized that by shifting my attention and doing the deep inner soul healing work – that I could CHANGE my body’s energy make up to transform and reawaken healthy cell growth​! Armed with that knowledge, I then​ immersed myself in inner healing and healed myself of chronic illness in 3 weeks​. To this day over 13 years later – I am symptom free.

​​I know now that ​changing ​your body’s subtle energy flow ​and having a healthy sense of self-worth are the ultimate healing tools that each of us has inside. ​ 

My joy now, and for the last 13 years, has been educating and facilitating others to heal their most profound life challenges ​and energetically align themselves to enjoy a life of bliss. When I access and measure your Akashic Self-Worth Quotient (SQ), you will have the starting point to reawaken your energy. 

When you master your energy​,​ you​ ​change and create your life on every level. 

In the years since my physical healing​,​ I’ve attracted the love of my life, become a published author, began my dream career, been featured on PBS, and manifested my dream home all because I used these proven techniques and… I’ve even developed my own system.

I now teach this to everyone and these are easy, life-long habits that you can sustain to create the life that you truly desire – but maybe never felt was attainable. 

What YOU can do RIGHT NOW, is claim the welcome gifts I’ve prepared for you, including a 1-on-1 mini-Akashic phone reading​​ where I’ll access your current Self-Worth Quotient. You’ll leave our call armed with personalized affirmations that will boost your Self-TLC (self-talk, self-love, self-care).

Take the first step to reawaken YOUR energy and shift the patterns and behaviors that are keeping you sick or keeping you stuck.

Please join me by submitting your name and email now. I’m sending much love your way! 


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