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Download Chapter 1 of my book ‘A Short Path to Change: 30 Ways to Transform Your Life”

A Short Path to Change is really about a journey about tapping into yourself, knowing that you are more and that change doesn’t have to be as hard as we make it or take a long time to see results.  The book is broken down into four sections, including 30 practical exercises.  Each individual chapter offers an exercise that will help you connect to your soul, transform and create your life by tapping into that deeper part of you by practicing kindness, patience, self-love, and forgiveness.

Download Chapter 1 Here 

Download your free copy of my Chakra Poems ebook

“Chakras – Guidance, Healing and Illumination: Poems for Discovering Balance”

I received the inspiration to write poems for each chakra, in order to explain them simply so everyone has access to their own inner diagnostic system for physical and emotional health. I have described each of the seven chakras in simple terms, so that they are understandable and accessible. You will understand each chakra by reading the corresponding poem. Some have even reported healings simply by reading these poems.

Download the Chakra Poems ebook here

Watch my Guided Healing Meditation for Expanding Love

Listen to this 9-minute guided energy healing exercise that will center you in the present moment and bring in deep love and joy energy to then send into your heart and expand out to the entire planet with gratitude and love. This exercise will show you how fast you can tap into the healing energy we ALL carry around with us in our own bodies – you will feel the power of the shift!

Claim Your Wellness Awakening Session With Me

To claim this you will need to email me at Jenny@jennymannion.com

We will schedule one on one time to talk for 10 minutes and hone in on a specific challenge. In that time I can offer tools, empowerment and perhaps an exercise to jump start this needed change.

I will extend our time to 20 minutes if you have purchased my book or you have received the special summit gift offer. 

In the subject area please write: Scheduling Wellness Awakening Session.  Please include the top 3 dates and times you have available and I will then reply back and we can arrange a time that works for us both.  If you purchased my book “A Short Path to Change” at Amazon , then please include your transaction number or attach a picture with the book.

My hope is that by using these tools, you will begin to feel the energetic shifts and know that you have the power to change your life.


Mastering and learning how to manipulate energy on all levels of mind, body and spirit is what brought me back to wellness. I can teach YOU the same in my signature online interactive course.

In the Free Preview Lessons you WILL feel energy, in your hands, in your body and you WILL know you are MUCH more than your body that houses the most important part of you – your soul.

Click on “Preview” to watch the Introduction to Energy and Energy Exercise videos now

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