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Interview with Robin Easton, Author of “Naked in Eden” Part 2

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This is Part 2 of an interview with the amazing Robin Easton, of “Naked in Eden” about her book, “Naked in Eden; My Adventures and Awakening in the Australian Rainforest“. Please read Part One, if you have not already.  Enjoy and please leave comments.

JENNY: I love your moment when you decide you will no longer live with autism.  You question whether you dare be that powerful and responsible to heal your mind, body and spirit?  I came to that point with my diseases where this KNOWINGNESS overcame me and I knew it was up to ME to make myself better… I did not know if it would be 100% better but I knew I could sure do a lot better than I was doing.  This resonated so deeply with me Robin and it is has been a difficult thing to explain to people that knowingness yet question of our own power.  What was it that made you get to this point?  Can you give any advice to people that might want to heal, and know on some level life can be better but cannot yet stand in their belief of their own power?


ROBIN: This question ties in perfectly with what I just said about being merged with all life. When we can feel this merged state of being, we experience a deep unwavering sense of safety. It is a body knowing, not something in our “heads” or thoughts. When we KNOW that we are part of everything that exists, and ever will exist, when we know that we are LIFE itself, we realize that we can do anything. Being regularly close to nature even in small ways helps us feel this vastness of life that we ARE. From this place we know we are powerful and we suddenly feel a great freedom to push back any limiting boundaries or social conditioning. We WANT to take full responsibility for our own lives. Life WANTS to LIVE.


I shed a lot of social conditioning, let go of addictive behaviors, old thinking (pretty much everything from my culture). I started questioning all I’d been taught. I allowed ALL emotions and thoughts to rise up unbridled, and even let them overwhelm me, while I observed them without judgment. In doing this I not only came to understand human nature, but I set myself free. I became emotionally stronger, less fearful, and I KNEW that I was life itself exploring the unknown. I felt adventurous, brave and excited. I was pioneering life. That’s awesome freedom!


I realized in the rainforest how easily we give up our power. We turn it over to doctors, lawyers, dentists, counselors, spiritual healers, gurus, teachers, friends, and so on, with the attitude that we couldn’t possibly know what’s best for us, or that THEY must know more than we do. Sometimes if we haven’t taken time to get to know ourselves and life/nature, then our chosen “learned figureheads” may know more than we do. HOWEVER, what they know may not be right for us. Not all truths serve us. We are each unique. Besides that, there is great power in coming to our own truth in our own way, in a holistic and intrinsic way. It then is no longer just a truth of the mind. It becomes truth imprinted in every cell of our body, in our very DNA, and on our soul. Our soul then experiences EVOLUTION right now.


I am not saying that we should never let others help or guide us, but not to the exclusion of discovering our own truth, our own path, and our own unique life experience, which may also involve soul growth (or evolution), as well as physical healing. Healing can happen on many levels. Sometimes part of our healing is tied up with letting go of fear and doubt, and learning to trust ourselves and life.


When I developed my intimate relationship with nature, I saw its “intact-ness” or holistic-ness. Each part was a part of every other part. When I saw this, I realized that no one I’d known had ever approached healing with the point of view that life is ALREADY intact and intelligent. It already knows what to do given the opportunity. I also realized that no one had ever seen me as intelligent, not just because I got poor grades in school, but because they did not see themselves as intelligent. The definition of intelligence in my culture was limited to book learning, school, college, Ph.D., M.D., etc. This was not a definition that understood LIFE as intelligence itself.


Often the best way we can help another person heal, is to SEE their “born with” intelligence. It is to experience them as ALREADY intelligent, already whole, and to respond to and speak directly to this intelligent life force, which we all ARE. To see this in another person can often spark their own healing.


In the presence of such wholeness in the rainforest, I started to become disgusted with the way I’d given up my power. It felt horrible in my body. In fact, I wanted to push back all I’d known and start fresh. I hungered to take back my own power and healing, even if I died. I had nothing to lose because I was already suffering and dying. In essence, in giving up my power, I lost myself, and that kept me ill, no matter how many healers I saw.


Part of my healing was to claim my own power, my own right to life, my own place in the Universe with all the rest of brilliant intelligent life. I was ill because I was NOT claiming my place. That may not be what initially made me ill. BUT WAIT, it was what made me ill because those who came before me also had not claimed their place, or their connection to the Great Universe. So they too we’re lost and powerless. At some point they had given up their power. They had forgotten their connection to all that exists.


One day, in the forest, I realized that I had been ill because I’d grown up out of connection with that which I needed most, that which I AM…all the rest of Existence, from the gentle dolphins, to the millions of grains of sand, to the powerful seas, infinite stars, and all the Great Universe I am part of. I only had to look around me and see the miraculous existence of red flowers and blue butterflies, sliver stars and golden moon, to know that anything is possible. Life is creating colors, for god’s sake! I certainly can heal myself. I can be with these great creations and draw sustenance and healing from the miracle of their existence. We all can.


JENNY: You are SO right Robin!  We CAN all heal ourselves.  We are all healers. We can all create miracles.  We are so often not standing in our power.  I love Marianne Wiliamson’s quote on us not being afraid of our darkness but our light.  It is SO important we connect with ourselves, our souls to truly understand “we are unlimited and all knowing”. You are SUCH an inspiration – thank you for sharing your experience with healing – it mirrors mine in many ways. Some people get stuck at the “being disgusted with themselves” when they realize that they have been acting not even in a way they truly believe to be them.  But I think it should be the opposite — EMPOWERING.. forgive yourself for what you did not know until now and life BEGINS NOW. 🙂

Another passage that struck me to my core was the following;

A true artist, musician, genius, writer, healer doesn’t create something new out of thin air, although it may appear that way.  They tap into the creativity of the universe, an intelligence that’s part of us all.  It’s just a matter of seeing what already exists and remembering who we are.”

This rings so true to me Robin.  If I try and create with my mind it can takes hours of “work” when I tap into my Higher self – and the Universe as a whole… the words flow and creating IS a remembering of things I have always known. I am a believer in that when we do know who we truly are – our soul and our connection to everyone and everything else we KNOW no limits because there are none… Yet we are brought up feeling separate, told we’re separate, told we’re “on our own”.  How do you see people REALLY beginning to understand and KNOW this?


ROBIN: We humans are funny creatures. We want to have these amazing experiences, what I often hear people refer to as “altered states” of consciousness and being. Yet, more often than not we don’t want to give up the things that prevent us from experiencing life ecstatically, magically, and wholly, where we lose all illusion of separateness.


I know this may not be what people want to hear, but I think one of the most powerful things we can do is look at our addictions. Addictions can be subtle. We usually think of alcohol and drugs, but there are many more addictions: food, caffeine, emotional drama, TV, power, sex (particularly sex that involves no interaction such as computer or magazine porn), a need to constantly be talking on the phone, or chatting on Facebook or Twitter. There are also things like always keeping busy, or constantly needing people around, or always feeling we have to solve someone elses problems, or spending money, or reading hundreds of books, and so on. I believe we each innately know what our addictions are. If we sit down, take a close inward look and be honest with ourselves, we will know. If we observe ourselves through our days and make a list of our addictions, we might be very surprised at how many we have.


I bring this up because one of the fastest ways I know to get close to life (and ourselves) is to strip away our addictions. One of the reasons my book is called, “Naked in Eden” is because I stripped away all that came between me and an intimate, firsthand, experiential relationship with life. We are afraid to do this kind of stripping because we’re left naked and exposed, and often confused and unknowing, anxious and fearful. Yet, greatness lies in this seemingly vulnerable place. It is where we stand naked before life and find out what we’re made of. We come face to face with the experience of being alive, of being here. It is again allowing nature/life to seep in.


We are so much more than our jobs, car, house, family routine, school, town, social clubs and events, the music we listen to and the TV we watch. We are SO MUCH MORE. To have this “more” we must take time out and stop. We must do things that break up our routine, that rattle us, and shatter our beliefs, do things that leave us floundering and unknowing, things that shift out perception. It’s a big world, and anything is possible. Anything. At any time.


The second thing that allows me to merge with all that exists (or the force of creation), is to allow myself to feel whatever I feel, and without ANY judgment. I am life itself, and if I am feeling something there is reason for it. So I let myself feel what I am feeling and simply observe it. I become the fascinated observer of myself and life.


Often our addictions are a way that we numb our feelings and ourselves. If we can allow ourselves to FEEL, we will come to know life. We will BECOME life. Life is emotion continually expressing itself in infinite creative form. We have the potential to merge with the great conversation in a dance of ecstasy. In this place we can create anything. All things are possible. There are no limits. Living thusly is well worth shedding every addiction known to humans.


JENNY:  Such POWERFUL and beautiful words to end with Robin!  Thank you Robin.  Your book, “Naked in Eden” moved me deeply.  I was blown away by your bravery dealing with some of the creatures in the rainforest.  I was touched by your healing and awakening as you were able to communicate with and KNOW nature.  I was touched by your relationship with Ian and how well you communicated your emotions about the past as well as the present.  Your book is a gift to the world Robin.  Thank you for sharing it with the world.  I wish you huge success with it and much love and happiness for all your days.


Please leave comments for Robin, check out her blog and read her amazing book, “Naked In Eden“. Any interaction with this amazingly authentic and beautiful woman is inspiring and life changing!



  1. Robin Easton

    Dear Jenny, Doing this interview has been a most astounding experience. I had no idea what would come out of me, as I never think when I write. This was a very euphoric experience. For me it is healing to write about healing, especially since I don’t think at all when I write. Instead I FEEL everything I write. So in writing this, to feel what once healed me, was again healing.

    The source of our healing is always at hand. We need only remember this. And possibly remember that we are Life itself. We ARE the power. We are the Source.

    Honestly, Jenny, there aren’t any words that can fully express what you have given me. As a result of this interview, I go away better knowing who I am and with a stronger more clear sense of why I am here. Thank you for such a life altering experience. All love to you dear Jenny. Robin

    • Jenny Mannion

      Dear Robin,

      Your words always touch my soul and make me smile from the inside… thank you for that gift! It is because you ARE coming from your soul and it is so evident because you just FEEL it. 😉

      We ARE POWER and that is something I have been working on in my own life recently and making changes accordingly. Remembering it amidst the #D things that come up can be “Challenging” sometimes but once it IS realized – WOW – watch out world!!! 😉

      I thoroughly enjoyed every second of working on this interview with you and look forward to the day I can give you a big hug in person. Thank you Robin for all you bring to this world!!!

      Lots of love and wishes for all of your dreams to come true, xo

  2. Simon Hay

    Hi Jenny and Robin. I love this: “I realized in the rainforest how easily we give up our power. We turn it over to doctors, lawyers, dentists, counselors, spiritual healers, gurus, teachers, friends, and so on, with the attitude that we couldn’t possibly know what’s best for us, or that THEY must know more than we do.”

    I feel this way about myself and my work. It’s all about empowering people. This is why I stress that I’m a story teller and not a teacher. The knowledge or experience is not mine, it’s everyones. With reflection, patience, and humour, it’ spossible for everyone to know that they are powerful. I think stripping addictions is a great way to learn who we are. Everything about us is beautiful. We’re not broken. Being an introvert, an empath, subdued, any body shape, all emotions, are important and beautiful qualities. Lifestyle and technology has eroded our will to evolve. We’re a creating force. What happened to common sense, the ability to problem solve, compassion, love. Enjoyed the interviews.

  3. Robin Easton

    Hi again Simon!! I LOVE what your insight here: “It’s all about empowering people. This is why I stress that I’m a story teller and not a teacher. The knowledge or experience is not mine, it’s everyones.” That is so beautiful and vastly true because Life is in love with itself and wants to heal, wants reach it’s “level” like water. As you say, “With reflection, patience, and humour, it’ possible for everyone to know that they are powerful.” Oh Simon, that is empowering in itself. Just glorious!!

    Tears came to my eyes over this, SO BEAUTIFUL:

    “Everything about us is beautiful. We’re not broken.”

    No, dear Simon, we are not. We are already whole. And we are, as you say, the most beautiful “creating force”. Thank you SO much for sharing who you ARE here. It means a lot to me. You are also a freedom-maker. I like that and relate. Hugs, Robin

  4. Jenny Mannion

    Hi Simon,

    Ahh we are kindred souls. 🙂 That is my greatest wish and goal – to have people realize how unlimited they are and find their OWN power. And yet sometimes I STILL find this an inner struggle (on some levels) after studying this stuff day in and out for 4 years so I KNOW first hand how challenging it can be. 🙂 BUT there are always steps that we can take to begin to have us KNOW just how powerful we are. For me, I had to take back my power I had given to the doctors on KNOWING and dictating what my life would be. Once I reclaimed that and instead asked MYSELF what I could be – I got a totally different answer… and began to heal.

    We are all sooo beautiful and whole and ALL offer so many amazing gifts to this world.. Simon you and Robin are SUCH inspirations to me. We ARE all a creating force and once we KNOW that we can CHOOSE what to create.

    Much Love Simon. I am so happy and grateful you read the interview.

  5. Evita

    Hi Jenny and Robin,

    Wonderful continuation.

    Seeing people as “whole” rather than faulty is such a key part of truly loving them and healing them. I learned this from my two favorite healers (Jenny & Simon 😉

    And I love how Robin includes that we want these higher states, but instead of reaching “higher” all we really need to do is remove that which simply blocks us, as being in the “higher” state is our natural state.

    And again, Robin’s love, understanding and appreciation for and of nature, is so inspiring. It simply makes me feel at “home” reading her words and being in this space with you two!

    P.S. My interview with Robin comes out tomorrow 🙂

  6. Jenny Mannion

    Hi Evita,

    I love that our “higher” state is our natural state as well… I see it and MANY times I can be in it.. the challenging part is when I am in a “funk” of sorts to pull myself out and “let go” so the flow can return. I love this life – always learning and evolving – what’s better than that? 😉

    I loved your interview with Robin Evita. 🙂 I am grateful to have both of you in my life… I know I can look to either of you for constant inspiration and love.

    Big hugs and lots of love, xo

  7. Bernie

    This interview was vibrant with feeling and fresh from an open Heart.

    Knowing that one has an addiction is key. People deny that they have a problem and that they are even sick because of the repetitive cycles that we often all place ourselves in. Being addicted and caught in such cycles, we often do not even notice that we are spiraling further and further away from the new light of the moment.

    As a part of our new conditioning, or rather unconditioning, we can unlearn to be open enough to ask and to listen how those outside of us view our current or non-current situation. We can value the opinions of others who can point to us the constructs that we have fallen for without taking offense. We can be open enough to know that all conversation that may hurt is a signal that something is being touched upon within which is in the process of unknotting its self, so that we may experience the glorious moment and all that it has to offer us.

    Let us all invite and acknowledge and accept each other as family and know that we are here to reflect to each other the stories that we ourselves are perpetuating. How can I serve you and please, yes….. I shall take you and the world in whole heartedly. Let us sit at the table together and be thankful for the buffet that is life. We each hold the ingredients for ultimate nutrition and health.

    I feel like a beaver…. I can use some tree energy about now.


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