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Interview with Andrrea Hess; Professional Intuitive, Healer and so Much More

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Andrrea Hess has been one of the most important teachers for my spiritual and personal development during these last four years, post healing physically.  Her work has inspired me, taught me to step into abundance and my own personal power and has re-connected me to my own intuition and guidance system.  I am honored to have gone through her Soul ReAlignment Practitioner Program and to be a Practitioner.  It is my pleasure to bring you my interview with the very beautiful, gifted and successful, Andrrea Hess.

Thank you so much for letting me ask you questions Andrrea.  To begin with, when did you first realize you had intuitive (psychic) abilities?

I actually didn’t consider myself intuitive or psychic at all for a very long time! I recognized that I had some level of energetic sensitivity when I did massage therapy … enough that I had to learn some basic energy management. But I didn’t consider myself psychic!

My big “a-ha” came when I was taking a class from a friend of mine. She had been giving intuitive readings and we had become friends. She suggested we barter – she needed a web site, which I was able to create for her. In return, I attended her class on how to read and clear the Akashic Records and give intuitive readings.

It was very eye-opening … I remember sitting in the class, realizing: “I know all this. Why do I know this?”

After the class, I slowly started practicing giving readings. It’s a bit nerve-wracking in the beginning, because you don’t know your own accuracy. I know you’re familiar with that self-doubt … I think we all go through it when we first start out!

Over time, I became more and more self-confident. I also started using my intuition to run my business, which has worked out extremely well for me. Intuitive development is a matter of practice, and being willing to take action as guided in spite of the mind’s self-doubts.

I certainly DO know that doubt Andrrea!  You and your course have been very helpful in me getting past that and stepping into the KNOWING I am receiving instead of WONDERING or second guessing myself. 🙂 (Of course getting that affirmation from clients hasn’t hurt either!) 😉 Before this, you have made a living as an opera singer and massage therapist – what made you KNOW you had to pursue your business as an intuitive?

Probably the fact that I absolutely did NOT want to go there! I mean, who really WANTS to have to say “I’m a psychic!” in response to “So, what do you do for a living?” Most of us have a bit of trouble coming out of the psychic closet! After all, just a few hundred years ago, we would have all been burned at the stake for doing this work! There’s still a lot of fear associated with this profession.

Initially, I wanted to step out of massage therapy and so received my life coach certification … this is before I took the class on how to give readings. And as I was trying to figure out who I was as a coach, spiritual development came up over and over again.

Like most people who are called into this field, my biggest thought was: “Who am I to think I can teach anything about spiritual development?” I was very, very reluctant to step into this field!

Giving readings is such a satisfying profession, though! To me, being able to give an accurate intuitive reading is the ultimate proof of our interconnectedness and oneness. It’s an amazing affirmation of how much bigger than mind and body we truly are.

I stepped into the intuitive work very, very slowly – I had just had a baby, and so I built my business in tiny steps. I think if I’d known how big it would all grow, I would have been overwhelmed!

Once I had started, it was just such beautiful work that I wouldn’t have given it up for anything.

I feel the same way Andrrea.  I never imagined myself doing ANYTHING I am doing now.. waving my arms around people doing “healing work”, accessing records in the ethers to receive information, receiving intuitive information about people, etc.. BUT when you see how life changing this work is for people it certainly makes it challenging to want to do anything else! I also feel the KNOWINGNESS it provides with how connected we all are IS HUGE for me and makes me feel honored EVERY time I sit down to do this work.

I have taken several of your classes and hired you for readings and have to say you are one of THE most gifted and in tune intuitives I have met.  You have helped me tremendously in business and in my personal life.  Thank you is not enough but THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

You have also trained me to be a Soul ReAlignment Practitioner.   This truly is a healing modality and I don’t think I realized how deeply it can heal on all levels (emotionally, spiritually and physically) until I became a practitioner.  Although it was very interesting – in the middle of taking your class I went back and read my report that Akemi had done (also trained by you). I was blown away with how my life had changed since and how MUCH more aligned it was with my soul profile. Also how rapidly my spiritual growth took off AFTER that clearing.  VERRRY cool and I had even started studying Reconnective Healing a WEEK after the clearing but had forgotten in the reading it said I would be very gifted at energetic healing work… 😉 I have also had sessions for different things and become friends with Paula Kawal, Anna Conlan and Evelyn Lim – and have to say – your practitioners ALL know what they are doing! Congrats to you on designing such a wonderful program. Can you talk a little about HOW this modality came to be and mention a few of the transformations you have seen since or what healing you feel is possible with this modality?

The modality came out of my clients asking me to teach how to do what I do! Initially, I taught this work exactly the way I was taught. But then I got my teacher’s permission to expand on what she had taught me, and created a new modality with a whole support system around the course itself. There’s just so many shifts and changes that happen as we step into this work – as you well know! – that I felt some ongoing support and community was very necessary.

This kind of Akashic Record reading and clearing was not very well-known at all, which is a shame because it’s so powerful. But what happened was that a very few teachers would only teach a handful of students, who would then go and teach just a few others. My goal was to create some infrastructure and a certification program so that new Practitioners wouldn’t have to fight to be seen as legitimate professionals. I didn’t have that kind of support when I started, but I certainly would have liked it!

As far as transformation … at the end of the day, Soul Realignment is about helping us understand exactly HOW the human Soul creates its experiences in the physical. It helps us understand why our lives are the way they are. And of course, when we understand what choices got us to this point, we are then empowered through consciousness to make new choices!

In my clients, I’ve seen them shift dramatically into their purpose. It doesn’t happen overnight, but when I talk to them six months or so after our session, they are often completely different people! One of the funny aspects of the clearing work we do is that we tend to forget what was cleared … after all, when it’s gone it’s truly GONE, right? So sometimes clients don’t directly relate their changed circumstances to their Soul Realignment sessions until we go back over what we shifted on their behalf.

I can say that, personally, I feel like I live a very easy life now. There’s so little negativity, hardly any drama or turmoil … it’s really lovely. The quality of the experiences and people I attract into my life is so beautiful. Even if I lapse into self-created struggle now and then, I have amazing resources to put myself back on track and in alignment with my purpose.

So, for me, this modality is invaluable!

I also feel this modality is priceless!  It has opened me up in ways I never imagined and helped my clients change their lives and become more in control and aligned with who they are at soul level.  It is wonderful to talk with people months later and see that they are living a life aligned with their dreams and are so much more in flow.  They have changed their patterns and now feel empowered. Who do you feel are good candidates for signing up to become a Soul Realignment Practitioner and who do you feel are good candidates for the reading and clearing work to be done?

As far as receiving a reading and clearing … well, anyone who is consistently creating what they don’t want would be well-served to receive this work! If people are feeling as if they are constantly hitting an invisible wall, and creating the same things over and over again – that’s where Soul Realignment is exceptional! Soul Realignment also gives amazing clarity about our Soul’s purpose for this lifetime.

As for becoming a Practitioner – most just feel really drawn to the modality without knowing why. All Practitioners are very devoted to their spiritual development journey and to serving others on their path, and they long for a better understanding of the Soul itself. Not everyone wants to become a professional intuitive, and that’s perfectly okay. In fact, most students come into the program for their own personal development, and only some decide to make this their profession. I always advise interested people to listen to the first audio lesson of the course, which is available for free on our website. Usually, students instinctively know whether the work is for them!

I took this class to develop my own understanding of the information I had begun to access and “download”.  I fell in love with the modality in the process. 🙂  I also took a class with you about limiting beliefs healers have with money and abundance.  When I went to your preview call I had 5 of the 7 warning signs so I figured I MIGHT benefit a bit.  😉 Can you tell my readers some of the limiting beliefs healing practitioners have about abundance and WHY overcoming them is so important?

I’m on a bit of a mission when it comes to abundance for healers! I just see so many practitioners in the healing arts struggling financially … and yet the work we are doing is so valuable!

Coming into a place of personal abundance is so important because, quite simply, we serve better from that space! When we’re not struggling financially, we are more empowered to hone in on our purpose and our brilliance, rather than grasping at any client that comes our way. We just do better work!

There’s quite a few ways in which healers tend to create lack. One is that we feel we have to serve EVERYONE, whether they can pay us or not. We’re so service-oriented that we put everyone ahead of ourselves. Unfortunately, that creates an energy of sacrifice, and that only attracts more sacrifice … and lack!

Healers tend to not really own the value of their work, and so they don’t attract people who value it in turn. That’s a big issue on which I work with my clients.

There’s a giant gap between spiritual and financial wealth … most healers are spiritually wealthy and abundant, but haven’t learned how to translate that into financial abundance. That’s what a lot of my work is about these days!

It took me SO long to “get this” Andrrea and your class helped me so much!  Thank you.  I felt so many of the limiting beliefs I hear healers say “this is a gift I am passionate about – why should I charge?”, “The people that NEED me CAN’T afford me”, etc.  I now understand that we are all MEANT to be abundant and live a life with no limits.. money included. Many healers are empowering others to live to their full potential – why should they be struggling when they are sharing such important gifts? It just MAKES sense that healers also align with financial wealth as they have with the spiritual wealth. Thank you so much for this service!

Why do you feel using your intuition so important in business? One of the things you have talked about a few times is the difference between channeling wisdom and channeling information.  Can you talk about that briefly here because I feel that is a very important distinction.

There’s so much information available to entrepreneurs these days … it really is too much! It seems there’s always another system or blueprint or marketing technique just around the corner. Information is very valuable, don’t get me wrong. But WISDOM is what allows us to differentiate between information for the sake of information, and what information is actually valuable when applied to our lives and our business.

I run my business in a very unique way … I’ve driven quite a few business coaches crazy, I can tell you that! I don’t plan. I don’t know what I’m doing until I receive guidance … which means sometimes I have no idea what I’ll be doing next month! That’s a pretty scary way to navigate at first, but to me, it’s the only way to go.

After all, plans don’t work. Most of the time, we make a plan and then have to adjust the plan every other day! So why bother? Planning is just something the mind likes to engage in so that it can feel better.

If we can live in a state of comfortable “not knowing” then we can be open to receiving guidance as we go. It’s like driving along a dark road at night … you can only see the next fifty feet in front of you. But you still get where you’re going, fifty feet at a time!

When I look at my business, I know I couldn’t have possibly planned for how beautifully it has evolved, and for how wonderfully it fits who I am, and my chosen lifestyle. My mind could have never come up with anything so perfect!

You are so inspirational with the quality and quantity of what you are able to create for others.  Your products, your students, your classes… all are aligned with helping so many others come into their own power!  For some taking the first step in their spiritual journey can seem overwhelming.  For someone that has been on “automatic pilot” for their whole life – what is the FIRST step for tuning into your intuition?

The first step is to set a clear intention for a foreseeable timeframe. I recommend a month – that’s long enough to receive and act on guidance, but short enough to be actionable! When people set long-term intentions, those intentions end up becoming wishes more than anything else.

Intention-setting is an art unto itself, in my book. We have to be very, very honest with ourselves on what we truly want. I equate it to punching in an address into our GPS system in our car. We can only receive guidance when we first decide where it is that we’re going!

Wonderful advice Andrrea! Thank you.  I love intention setting and I’m with you – the short time frames allow us to see JUST how powerful we really are – then we can move onto more!  You also still do private readings. Can you tell my readers a little about some of the services you offer?

My private readings are now very much centered on financial issues and entrepreneurship. I love helping coaches, healers, and other service providers discover exactly where their money will come from and what’s actually going to work for them and their business. With all the information out there, many people try so many things, invest in so many programs … with no results. A reading is really a short-cut … we can “download” what’s going to work financially, based on the client’s Soul purpose, who they are, their energetic circumstances, and so forth.

If money isn’t flowing, there’s usually an energetic misalignment happening between the client, their business, and their Soul’s purpose. Often, we do what logically should work, only to discover that it doesn’t! I help my clients solve their personal “money mysteries” very quickly so that they can get back into the flow of financial abundance.

Thank you so much for this interview, Jenny! I so appreciate being allowed to share my work, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity!

Andrrea, thank you.  You are a constant source of inspiration to me in so many ways.  Andrea has many ways to get in touch with her.  Here are some links and places to learn more about Andrea and her work:

Andrrea’s Soul ReAlignment Training

Andrrea Hess’s Website:  Empowered Soul

These are JUST a few ways to find out more about Andrrea. She is a wealth of knowledge, information and proof of LIVING in FLOW.  Please leave a comment and also go visit her sites to pursue learning from this AMAZING person.  She has many free offerings as well as a wealth of information on her site and blog to get you started.  Thanks again Andrea, for all you have helped me with, for sharing with my readers and for all you offer the world.  Much Love.

If you would like to find out about my Akashic offerings, please visit my Services Page


  1. Suzie Cheel

    Thanks Jenny,

    I relate to what you and Andrea are saying. I am finally beginning to trust my intuition and be guided by it. Amazing you mention the Akashic Records- I had mine read last year by Evelyn and just last week when i was doing a grounding exercise I remembered something from that reading that relates now- I also became aware of how I have been avoiding trusting my intuition, doing the planning- thanks Andrea for sharing your experience
    Love intention setting- universe is in Sync- drew the Goddess Diana focused intention card today 🙂
    love and hugs
    PS hear you are going to be meeting up with Simon,Evita and Tess later this week.

  2. Jenny Mannion

    Hi Suzie,

    I am soooo excited to be seeing Simon, Evita and others this weekend!! I will be exploring the Expo and having dinner with them… sounds surreal! 😉

    Thanks so much for your comments and trusting my intuition was something I had trouble with for a long time. I used to think “seeing and hearing” was believing and since I receive by knowing and feeling it was challenging for me to trust that I wasn’t just making stuff up! 😉 It took Andrea’s course and the validation of clients before I began trusting it.

    Intention setting is so very powerful. It never ceases to amaze me. Thanks so much for reading the interview and commenting Suzie! I look forward to the day when we can meet in person!!

    Lotsa Love and hugs,

  3. Stephanie Rainbow Bell

    Jenny thanks for this insightful interview! Andrea is one of my favorite mentor/teachers also! I have learned quite a bit from her — she has such a unique way of putting together information and more than once after one of her classes or class I have gotten an answer to a question i hadn’t even concretely formed in my mind yet!

    Thanks again to both of you and Rainbow Blessings to both of you!

    • Jenny Mannion

      Hi Stephanie,

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting. It has been SUCH a blessing to have Andrea as a teacher! I have learned so much and am with you – her classes and support are so thorough you DO often get your questions answered before you even get to ask them! I always find I am learning a lot, asking myself important questions and feel like I have evolved a bit after taking one of her classes or even an interaction with Andrea.

      Thanks again. Will definitely check out your website. 🙂


  4. Corinne Edwards

    Dear Jenny –

    First – congratulations on your third anniversary. We started at almost the same time.

    Wonderful post – really enjoyed it.

    I think we all have psychic ability. I know I often “know things” that I would have no way of knowing otherwise.

    Don’t think I would hang out my shingle as a psychic – but it does help me in my life and media coaching.

    i find that I get people really quickly.

    But I would like to learn how to have more confidence in what I pick up. Guess it is practice.

  5. Jenny Mannion

    Hi Corinne,

    We ALL certainly DO have psychic abilities! 🙂 We’re born with them but are traditionally not taught to use them.. like any talent unused… BUT the good thing is it those talents are ALWAYS accessible to us. I think of you as being intuitive and KNOWING people. Practice definitely helps… you can “play games” to help develop it. When the phone rings, ask yourself who it is… there are a lot of ways to practice that are fun.

    Thanks so much for reading and for your support. Congrats to you too on 3 years!!!

    Love and hugs,

  6. patricia

    Very nice interview and very interesting subject to explore…as a person who is taking an Andrea Hess course at the moment – confirms I am on the right track…though I am so financially on the ground at the moment it is just stopping me nearly cold in my tracks…

    Hope you are having a great time at New Moon…what fun…wish I was there too.

    • Jenny Mannion

      Hi Patricia,

      I am thrilled you are taking an Andrea course and would LOVE to hear the results. 🙂 Wish you were at the New Moon too!!! Maybe next year!!

      Big hugs, xo

  7. Sandra Lee

    Thank you for this excellent interview, Jennie. Andrea is so beautiful in all ways. It was interesting to read about her hesitation about being a psychic. I also appreciated the respect she showed her teacher by asking her permission to expand upon her work. I loved the tips on opening to your intuition and the whole idea of not planning too! Wild but fun. All the best to you!

    • Jenny Mannion

      Hi Sandra,

      Thanks so much for reading. Andrea has been a teacher to me of MANY lessons. 🙂 I, too still hesitate to use that word “psychic”. 😉 I’m getting better and I know it’s just word and a gift we ALL have – so that helps! 🙂

      Opening up our intuition is such an easy yet life changing thing to do… It has been beautiful watching more people “open up” to this and once we do… we KNOW we are being led in the right direction and find more ways to tap into it.

      Always a pleasure to hear from you Sandra. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment.

      Much love,

  8. Sofia Siberia

    I am currently enrolled into Andrea’s SoulRealignment training, and have also done few other courses by her. Andrea is an amazing teacher and coach. Her system of training is well-structured, comprehensive and straight to the point, there is no beating around the bush – very professional modalities. Really enjoyed this interview! Thank you for posting it! )

    • jennymannion

      Hi Sofia,
      I am so happy you are doing the Soul ReAlignment Courses. They are wonderful and Andrrea is a great teacher. I have used the tools with clients for the last 5 years and have seen so many people benefit. And not only did the work help others but it has helped me trust my own intuitive powers by the validation each client gives after a reading that it was “right on” even if I have just received a name and date of birth. This is powerful work and life changing on many levels. I wish you all the best with iy and with your journey! Thanks so much for taking the time to write! Love, Jenny


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