Focus Friday – The Need to Surrender to Manifest -

Today’s Focus Friday card was pulled from Tosha Silver’s Divine Abundance Deck

Card: Delusion

Message: Intention without surrender can be a fast path to delusion.

Jenny’s message and exercise:  It was interesting to me when I pulled this card I faced resistance… “No, this is not the happy-go-lucky in my comfort zone spot I want to share”, is what I thought. Then I quickly realized it came out for a reason and it is an important one to share.

This has been one of my hardest lessons in manifesting. “Letting go”  or “Surrender” is not  a normal human thing, ESPECIALLY for a “recovering perfectionist”.  I have learned there is nothing more powerful than letting go, when you have an intention you want to actualize.

Us humans long for control. It makes sense, when so much feels out of our control. And when we set an intention, well, it is something we WANT so it is especially challenging. When we HOLD ON TOO TIGHTLY: 1) We are not allowing the Universe to work it’s magic and are putting limitations around it. There are always ways our manifestation could show up even BIGGER than we ever imagined – WHEN we get out of our own way. 2) We are saying we don’t have faith because we are demanding things come to us a certain way or in a certain time. Both of these can hold our intentions back from manifesting indefinitely.

If we are doubting, and not in complete faith, we are bringing FEAR into a process that truly needs to be accessed through love. Boy, I have learned this lesson, and relearned it and still am faced with relearning it sometimes. Oh the joys of being human!! LOL

If you know me or my work, you know I have manifested quite a few things and I can say honestly they only showed up when I surrendered. When I truly either 1) stepped into love and forgot about fear or a timeline 2) forgot about the intention completely and just went about life.  I manifested a book publisher, I manifested the love of my life, a career and clients I love, I’ve manifested soul family from all over the world, and mentors totally aligned with what I needed at the time and so much more. But the times I have held on for dear life, with manifesting money, or wanting a certain situation to go a  specific way, etc. boy has the Universe shown me, “NOPE, C’mon Jen – you KNOW better”. When we enter into attachment and fear we enter into the delusion that we truly know better HOW and WHEN something SHOULD show up for us. We are actually saying we know better than the Universe. I bet you can see how that would NOT work out in our favor! You have probably heard the expression, “Let Go and let God”. This is exactly what we need to do.

Exercise:  Think of something you want, I mean really really want. Maybe it is more money, a Soul mate relationship, a way to travel somewhere. Think about this and picture it and really bring in every sense as you picture it as done. Now think about what emotion it brings. Is it relief? Joy? Pride? Or something else? NAME the #1 emotion you feel when you think about this intention. Now think of other things you could do within the next few days that would bring that emotion. For example if it was “joy” – what can you do to bring you JOY this weekend – dance? Take a walk in nature? Only YOU will be able to answer this for you. List 3 things you can do to bring about the emotion of your completed intention and commit to doing any LEAST one. Thank yourself for getting clear on what you want and thank the Universe/God/ your favorite word for Source for helping you let go of any attachment and commit to putting your trust into knowing it is already delivered and to get on living your life with the emotion you named in mind. The more you consciously bring this emotion in (Without thinking.. “oh this will get me THAT”) but by truly Being in that emotion.. the fast your manifestation can come to you. AND please NOTICE the signs that appear along the way… if you are intending a trip and suddenly you hear of a contest or another way it might happen – follow through. When we set intentions and are aligned, we need to be present and watch for the synchronicities so we know WHEN to take action instead of forcing our action to “make things happen”. (I am part of a collaborative book SIGNS, which in the last part teaches ways to be aware of more signs – and is truly a priceless collection of stories of manifestations – which also encourages you KNOWING these things DO happen and can instill more faith… if you want to know more about the book Signs, click here.

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