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Focus Friday – Making Confident Decisions Aligned with Your Highest Good

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I pulled today’s Focus Friday card from The Goddess Tarot Deck by Kris Waldherr in honor of Mother’s Day. Please take some time today or over the weekend to look over the card, description and exercises. Think about how you can use your confidence to trust your judgment.

Card: XX Judgment – Gwenhwyfar

Keywords: Sovereignty, confidence, decisions

Gwenhwfar, the Welsh goddess and first lady of the Islands and sea, is believed to have existed as long as there was surf to pound against rocky shore. Praised for her judgment and wisdom, it was prophesized that no man could rule Wales without her by his side.

It is little wonder that many would-be kings attempted to abduct the once and future queen, since they foolishly thought that to possess her would make them king. They did not understand that it was Gwenhwyfar’s judgment which made them sovereign, rather than any romantic entanglement.

Meanings: Important decisions or news. Movement into the next phase of life. Time for a major and necessary change in life – often welcome but frightening because of its magnitude. The confidence of a Queen.

Jenny’s Message and Exercise:  I felt this was such a perfect card for this time. No one I know has managed to go through the last few years without major change inside and out. The World is showing it needs to shift from the more male dominated “leading by force and power” to the more divine feminine “intuitive and compassionate” way of leading.

I feel it is actually the balance between that is what we are striving for and many of us have felt that in our own lives. Trusting  ourselves to stand in confidence, while trusting our intuition to guide the next step. The balance of left and right brain, yin and yang and knowing how to maneuver and truly TRUST oneself. Especially when it comes to making a big decision or a major life change.

It can feel “scary” to let go of a situation, person, addiction, pattern, behavior, job or anything that has held some kind of comfort. But also know if you HAVE been receiving signs, the Universe only “gently nudges you” for so long… If you choose to ignore the signs, it has no choice, but to get louder so you can truly step into the higher version of yourself.

Boy, I know this firsthand and can be a “holder on” – seeing the best and potential in people, wanting to continue an old way of doing something because it was familiar or granted me some kind of comfort, even if I knew at some level, there were better ways I could be spending my energy.  Feeling my fear or doubting myself that I was truly READY to step up and out of my comfort zone.

Know you have everything you need within, and if you need resources to make that change, there are priceless, countless tools you can find for free online or through friends/family/community to help you make those changes. This last eclipse we had was NO JOKE and really commanded the “Burning of the Phoenix”.

From what I have been reading, energetically and astrologically, this Sunday/Monday truly marks this new phase of the Phoenix being reborn. What are you ready to change in your life? Because the world is ready to support you through this – there truly is no better time than NOW.


  • Get quiet, turn everything off, close your eyes, and get comfy sitting or lying down. Take some slow deep breaths, not forcing just intending your breath to slow and becoming mindful of your breathing.
  • Gently bring to mind a time you showed some confidence. Maybe it was in having a challenging conversation. Leaving a job or relationship that no longer served you. Standing in front of a crowd speaking or performing. Wearing something you didn’t usually wear, a new haircut, serving something new for dinner, etc. You know something you took a chance on but felt that confidence either while doing it or shortly after, knowing you had made the right choice.
  • As you bring this to mind, sink into it – with every sense. What did you look like, who was there, what other energies/emotions did you feel, were there any smells and sites you want to bring into this memory?  Sit here for at least a minute or more, truly sinking into this memory.
  • Thank yourself for taking this bold move and place your hands on your heart. Feel the love for yourself sinking into your heart for this brave move you made. Take some breaths and truly breathe that love for yourself into your heart feeling the gratitude you have for yourself.
  • Now that you are feeling this confidence, ask yourself if there is a decision or action you have been avoiding that you are ready to look at very honestly. As you bring that to mind, please be gentle with yourself, this is not about judgment and if you beat yourself up about the “coulda woulda shouldas” that only brings disempowerment.
  • Once you have this in your mind I want you to think about what emotion you would feel if you were on the other side of this. Relief? Happiness? Peace? Joy? Freedom? Confidence?
  • Ask yourself to truly feel the emotion that you came up with NOW. Allow that emotion to permeate not just your heart, but feel that emotion in every cell of your body.
  • Now ask yourself what is ONE step you can take soon to actualize this change. Bring it gently to mind and thank yourself for coming up with this step.
  • Make a commitment to yourself you will take this first step soon and again, bring in that emotion you will feel when it is complete. Breathe that emotion and commitment into your heart.
  • Thank yourself or taking this time and open your eyes. I know it can seem VERY hard to make a change.

    But you truly can do it!  You deserve to be the happiest, most fulfilled version of yourself and only YOU truly know what that looks like. I am sending much love your way and am wishing you a very happy mother’s day weekend. To those that have lost their moms – I am wrapping you in hugs and I will be honoring my mom this weekend as well. To those that are moms to kids, pets, the planet and plants, or mom-figures such as teachers, etc. I honor you too and am sending much love and gratitude for you and the way you show up in the world.To find out more about working with me and my soul harmony sessions, please check out my sessions here.
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