Focus Friday – The Sun – Let Gratitude IN! -

Focus Friday – The Sun – Let Gratitude IN!

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The first focus Friday card of 2024 was drawn from one of my new decks!  This card “The Sun” was drawn from “The Wisdom of the Owls” deck by Pamela Chen (art by Elisabeth Alba).  Please take some time to look at the card. Read the message, exercise and resources and see if you gain any messages and guidance from your intuition. Please take some time about how you allow more gratitude and Light (sun) into your life. 

The Card: XIX The Sun

With happy chirps, this owl sits with the sunflowers to enjoy the energy of the sun. The warming light from the sun provides a sense of safety and protection for the magical beings of in the Owl Realm. When the sun is shining, the owls are laughing, playing and celebrating in the skies. The magical thing about this is that the sun rises every single day. Therefore, there is a chance for happiness every single day.

Message: Yes!! Whatever you are asking, this is the “Yes” card. You will achieve whatever goals you have set, and you will be filled with joy and confidence in the actions that are you are taking. You have clarity regarding exactly what you have to do right now, and it will bring you to victory. This is also the card of celebration, so make sure you celebrate how far you have come and all that you have accomplished.

Message and Exercise from Jenny:  I love owls and I love the sun so it doesn’t get much better than this!! I am not a big believer in, “new year – new you”. As you ALWAYS in each moment, EVERY single day have a moment to bask in all you have accomplished and FEEL that gratitude.

You are NOT broken – we are all “works in progress”. The more we celebrate the journey we have been on and made it through – the easier we get to move forward.  I KNOW this firsthand AS A “recovering perfectionist” AND “recovering people pleaser”.  I can get very caught up in all there is to DO.

I also have witnessed firsthand and with my clients, it is not until we celebrate our wins and move into gratitude that the TRUE magic can happen.

We have ALL been through a time like no other on this planet.

All of us have seen enough to want blindfolds and to curl up under the blankets.

We ALL have experienced our losses, trauma and grief.

BUT you are here today and you have made it through. You have no doubt made it through tough situations in relationships, within our own self and past, within work situations and so much more. You probably should be having a party every single day with all you have been through! But ONLY YOU can give yourself permission to celebrate.

Only YOU can say, ”you know what – it was NOT always easy AT ALL – but I am here and I am doing the best I can”. Please take the time to pat yourself on the back AND give yourself a huge hug – today is another day and you never know what truly awaits…

The more we let ourselves sit in the possibility of things working out – the more likely it is to happen. The more we celebrate and pay gratitude and sit in JOY, the more we are opening ourselves up for more goodness. It truly is what you focus on.

I know sometimes we can feel like “who am I to be happy when there is so much suffering”. But if you are feeling disempowered and sad you will help no one. By taking time to celebrate yourself and sitting in the victories of your life, you empower yourself, and that is a much better place to take action from and also help others. It begins with helping yourself first!

It’s interesting to me this card came up because my “word of the year” is “Glory” and that word means celebration to me… living life in glory means living life like Heaven on Earth and that is what I am hoping to embody and spread to others. Sending MUCH love your way and wishing you much glory for 2024 and beyond!


1)  Take a moment and turn off all distractions

Take some slow breaths and settle into your space as you close your eyes.

  • Place your hand on your heart, bring a smile to your face.
  • See yourself outside, with the sun shining on your face just right. Feel that warmth.
  • Bring to mind a time you felt joy and/or a time you were celebrating. REALLY bring it in, what did it look like?, feel like?, were there other people there?, were there tastes or smells involved?  Bring this memory back as clearly ad you can.
  • Feel that memory in your heart and ask yourself to allow that celebratory energy into your heart.
  • Thank yourself for this memory.
  • See yourself giving your an inner hug and feel the warmth of a hug.
  • Think about something you would like to invite into your life. Bring an image to mind of what that looks like – for example – if you want more money maybe you imagine the car you’ve wanted, if it is a relationship – maybe you picture a couple… see a small image of what you want.
  • Picture yourself placing that image of what you want into your heart, surrounded by that celebratory energy.
  • See yourself celebrating this win, with the same energy you had with your previous energy.
  • Bring a smile to your face as you feel the emotion of happiness for your past memory and for this new want manifested.
  • Breathe that energy into your heart and remember how good it felt to feel good!
  • Give yourself another hug and thank yourself for taking this time.
  • Commit to doing something in the next few days to celebrate YOU – maybe it is something you love to do, eat or somewhere you want to go that you haven’t been in a while, a friend you haven’t reached out to – you know what feels like a celebration for YOU!
  • Slowly open your eyes remembering how good it felt to celebrate.

2) It is important when you want to move into the energy of celebration to keep you vibe HIGH.  One way to do that is watch what you are watching, listening to and who you are spending time with. There are a few resources I recommend to getting that vibe high.

Shows:  I LOVE Queen Eye – the show makes you feel good that people are helping others and you’ll laugh and cry happy tears. I recommend this to clients to bring in some happiness.

Social Media: Make sure you are taking in positive messages – people doing GOOD things for people. I LOVE Jimmy Darts who is on tiktok and YouTube…

Music/Sound: Play some music or sounds that lift you up. I love listening to sound frequencies in the background while I go about my day. This one is the Sun’s Frequency and about Celebration – but know you can always to you tube and enter in WHATEVER frequency you like, for example “happiness frequency” and get lots of choose from.

If you are interested in my services, please visit here to find out more. I would love to meet you and work with you! 

Above all – please know you DESERVE and are worthy of the energy of celebration in your life!! Only YOU can give yourself permission to celebrate!  I am sending MUCH love and wishes for infinite blessings your way.