Focus Friday – Inner Power and Courage -

Today’s Focus Friday card is one near and dear to my heart!  Please take some time today and/or over the weekend to reflect on this card and the exercises mentioned below.

Today’s card was pulled from Tosha Silver’s Divine Abundance Oracle Deck

Card:  Inner Power

Affirmation: “Give me the courage and the power to do what must be done”.

Jenny’s comments and exercises: As a Leo, and a teacher of self-love, boy this card resonates. The Lion is such a powerful symbol to me of courage. I also think of the Wizard of Oz – where the Lion feels he has lost his courage, but has had it all along.

So many times we give away our power and feel defeated or stuck. We repeat the challenge over and over as if saying it the hundredth time might invoke some kind of clarity, when in fact, all it does it take us further and further down the rabbit hole. Having a rabbit as a pet, I know they are skittish and since they are at bottom of the food chain, they thump to signify danger and are always on the lookout for danger. From that space, it is very challenging to feel empowered or ANY kind of courage.

Yet, we truly DO always have access to our own wisdom which inspires that courage. I know it can be hard to feel it sometimes, especially if this challenge is a recurring one, or one that triggers us somehow. But hat means even more self compassion and self-love is needed. From THAT space we can tap into courage.

Exercises: Please do one or a couple of these in the next few days to tap into guidance:

  1. Get quiet, phone off, comfy with where you are sitting or lying down and close your eyes. Or if needed to ensure peace, you can stand and do this in the shower.
    – Invite in a time in your life where you overcame a challenge or showed courage. Maybe you left a relationship that did not serve you, spoke up in a situation where you felt challenged, or stood up for yourself or a loved one.
    – Really bring that memory back – the sights, the smells, the FEELINGS and emotions, the sounds… Sit in this for a few moments and please give yourself and inner hug for overcoming this challenge.
    – Affirm to yourself “I have had courage before and know I can tap into courage”. Take a deep breath as you breathe that statement in and as you exhale – exhale out any resistance you feel.
    – Do this as many times as needed – until you feel a shift or a deeper relaxed state.
    – Come back and give yourself and inner hug and thank yourself for taking this time.

  2. Carve out some time this weekend to do something that brings you JOY. JOY inspires new ways of thinking and courage. Maybe you love to dance, walk in nature, sing loudly to a favorite song. Give yourself at least 10 minutes to truly sink into this activity that brings you joy. After this activity, get quiet, put your hand on your heart and think about the area of your life you need courage in. Ask yourself ONE STEP you can take to best support yourself. Courage and guidance comes from the letting go and truly embracing joy and life. You’ve got this. Give yourself credit for taking time for something you love and also write down any notes you receive about the next step.

  3. So many times when we have a challenge we get stuck in looking at it one way and in the FEAR (false evidence appearing real). We need to SWITCH this energy UP!  Sit down, get white and write down your challenge in a sentence. Now, place your hand on your heart and think of THREE ways this MIGHT just work out okay. “What if” statements in the positive work well.  For example if you are struggling with a conversation you need to have, thinking, What IF I came up with the perfect words so that this was received and we were both better off for it? If you are struggling financially, maybe, “What IF I received money in a way I could have never imagined?”  Coming up with a few different ways things CAN work out can invite in courage and possibility. When you have the 3 “what if statements” sit in the them for a bit, invite in a smile, and on heart and imagine each of those possibilities as your reality. Invite in the emotion of that relief and of courage!  Give yourself a hug for taking this time.


Invite in Signs – We ALL have access to Signs – breadcrumbs that tell us YES you are ON your path! Seeing those signs can inspire courage. I am blessed to be a  part of an amazing book, being released today called “Signs: Sacred Encounters with Pathways, Turning Points, and Divine Guideposts.” In it, you will learn about the different kinds of Signs we ALL receive, hear stories of the ways many different people (including myself) have received signs, and Simran in the last third of the book guides you on ways to invite in more signs into your life. The more we trust and tap into guidance, the more our courage can build and strengthen. I feel blessed to be a part of this project, which WILL allow people to invite more signs and courage into their lives! 

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Please know you DO have the wisdom and courage within to move forward. Please be easy on yourself and allow for this connection and guidance. Sending much love your way!